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Dress Code



Uniform Dress Expectations

Student dress and personal appearance are important to school conduct.  Our school uniform dress has been designed by and approved through community vote to enhance the learning environment of our students.


Westwood parents, teachers, and school officials believe the following dress code is in the best interest of our students for the following reasons:


  • To enhance a positive climate for learning.
  • To eliminate peer pressure dealing with student attire.
  • To instill school unity and pride.
  • To promote affordable dress.


The school uniform dress code for students in kindergarten through third grade shall be as follows:



  1. Navy blue, white, khaki in color
  2. Solid colors
  3. Short sleeve or long sleeve
  4. Westwood Spirit shirts


Pants, shorts, skirts, jumpers

  1. Navy, white or khaki in color


Not Acceptable At All

  1. Hats, caps, bandannas
  2. Flip flops, thongs, platform/high heels or skate shoes
  3. No sagging pants
  4. No mohawk hair style


A uniform assistance application is available through the school if support is needed and uniforms cannot be purchased.  Under no circumstances will a child’s opportunity to attend Westwood be taken away because of not wearing the uniform dress apparel.  However, if your student comes to school out of uniform a reminder note will be sent home.  After three warning notices, your child will be sent to the attendance clerk for a uniform to wear. The student’s clothing will be kept until the uniform is returned.  If a student continues to not wear the uniform dress apparel a home visit will be made to assist the family in obtaining the appropriate uniform clothing.


Clean, neat and appropriate grooming is expected at all times.  FINAL DECISION ON SUITABILITY IS RESERVED FOR THE PRINCIPAL.