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Principal's Message

Principal’s Message

Welcome to the 2016-2017 school year.  We believe that the primary years form the foundation for a student’s education.  High learning standards, high expectations and developmentally appropriate practice go hand-in-hand at Westwood Primary School.  The teachers and support staff do an outstanding job of melding all three together, offering an exemplary primary program.  All curriculum benchmarks and assessments are aligned with the Arizona State College and Career Readiness Standards.  It is no wonder that Westwood Primary School was named an A+ School of Excellence by the Arizona Education Foundation in 2012, and achieved an AZ Learns letter grade of “A” for the 2013-2014 school year. 
Westwood Primary is an exciting, safe, and fun place to learn with an excellent reputation of providing outstanding programs.  The Westwood Primary staff dedicates itself to following a set of core beliefs that provide a guide for meeting student’s unique individual, personal, social and educational needs.  All students learn and achieve in a positive environment.  We have a highly professional staff of teachers and support personnel who present curriculum in creative and challenging ways.  Ongoing professional development is a top priority to ensure that classroom instruction reflects recent, research-based educational programs and strategies.  At Westwood we believe that by providing an advancement of knowledge through the delivery of a rigorous curriculum, we will improve the lives of students living in a rapidly changing global society.  Our goal is that all students will exit Westwood, on or above, grad level with a foundation of basic skills that will assist in ongoing success for the future. 

Building enduring relationships with our parents and students is a key factor to the success of our school.  We look forward to working together to build a strong partnership with each of you to ensure your child’s success. We encourage parent and community participation in all aspects of our school program.  It is my core belief that every child deserves a classroom environment with a highly effective teacher that meets their individual needs by challenging and supporting them to grow beyond where they are.  I will work alongside your child’s teacher to ensure that they are providing the highest quality of education possible in a safe and supportive learning environment.  Being an educator, I am always thinking about how my own children will experience school; and the Westwood Primary staff is committed to providing your child with the same educational experience we expect for our own children. 
This school year our theme is, “It’s Going to be a Picture Perfect Year at Westwood.”  Our focus will be on achieving our goals by creating a school environment that captures our students’ interest in learning.  We know that learning can be magical and we want that for every child at Westwood.


Ms. Melissa McKinsey