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Nathan Johnson


Mr. Johnson

Mr. Johnson


 I have been the PE teacher here at Westwood for about fifteen years.  I love my job and of course working with kids.


The PE teacher who had the greatest impact on my life did so by his example.  I try to take that same approach by exercising, participating with the kids, and maintaining a high level of personal fitness.  Weaved into my program of physical education are life skills I believe every parent wants for their child.  Those include but are not limited to listening, paying attention, following directions, doing tasks right the first time when you know what to do, thinking of others first, communicating with others, and enjoying others during physical fitness activities.


Recognizing the vast differences in physical abilities represented in every class, I encourage and expect students to giver THEIR best effort in all they do.  If you as a parent have questions or concerns about your child, I encourage you to give me a call as I would love to talk with you!